samantha vaccaro

I have a passion for building communities of like-minded individuals. I take your big ideas and turn them into reality by creating experiences that amplify your passion and purpose.


about me.

I love supporting entrepreneurs build their vision in an authentic way. I am a naturally creative person with sixteen years of project management and operations experience in the biotech and pharma sector.

I am a social media influencer, a former athlete, a brand ambassador for small businesses and start-up companies, an event planner with an expertise in curating experiences for small businesses and entrepreneur clients, and the creator of “Canine’s Companion”- a dog-friendly community that includes travel and events. In addition, I hold leadership positions with non-profit organizations and my alma mater.

Through my own passion projects and intellectual curiosity, I have built relationships with a network of highly creative and successful individuals as well as absorbed a wealth of experience across different career paths. Their intersection is where my clients need to meet and where I facilitate the introduction.

I was born and raised in the tristate area of NYC before spending my adult life living in NYC, Washington DC, Dallas, and abroad. I am currently based in the Bay Area and travel between LA, TX and NY for both personal and business.

My dog, Poppy, is the inspiration behind Canine’s Companion.

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